FAQ about the festival

Many of you volunteers have questions about where to set up tent, or where to buy a tent, and many other questions.

Many questions you can find answers to on our website, like what the conditions for being a volunteer is, and the rules for working at the festival (see in the 'contract')

Other questions you can easily find answers to at Roskilde-festival.dk, like where you can set up your tent (on the camping, page).


Stuff that you might not be able to get cleared out, by looking through these two websites, please email us with those questions, and we'll post the 'FAQ' below.

So far, the FAQ:

1. "Do you have a tent we can use, or do we have to buy one ourselves?" - NO, we do not have tents you can borrow, rent or buy. however, Harald Nyborg have a very cheap 2 persons tent, that most people get for the festival, as spending a lot of money on a tent for this occation seems to be a bad idea.

2. "Can we stay in the volunteer camp site?" - NO. unless you have signed up yourselve, through the festival site, or some other place, you will be sleeping at the same camp sites as everyone else, and using the same entrances for these sites. (about entrance and setting up tent, please see in the 'contract')

3. "can we get food at the base camp, when we do not have shifts?" NO. We only provide food for the people who are on shifts. However, we do plan to sell beers and soda and some snacks, throughout the entire festival period, and you can always come to the base camp and hang out.

4 "can my friends, who are not volunteers, also come to our base tent?" - NO. You will get special access wristbands, which will let you into areas (like the volunteer base camp site), where 'rregular' festival goers are not allowed.