What does working as a volunteer mean?

You probably have many questions about what it means to sign up as a volunteer at the festival. Below we have tried to organize all the useful and general information that you need.

FUN: it is a really fun way of spending your festival week. You will get to meet new people, and hang out with old friends, learn the backside of the festival, and be a part of something really, really big!

Days of working: You will be expected to work on the days you have signed up for, between Saturday 29th and Monday 8th of July. The period where concerts are taking place is from Thursday the 5th of July until Sunday 7th of July this year. However, the festival site already opens on Saturday, 29th of June.

We need to provide guards for the whole period from 29th of June until 8th of July. This does not mean that you need to show up all these days. When you sign up, you can choose which group of shifts you want, and be sure to have shifts on those days only. If you would like to be working with one or more friends, be sure to sign up in the same groups, and/or indicate it in the ‘comment’ box when you sign up.

Teams: Everyone is walking in pairs. If you have friends, whom you would like to work with, you have to sign up in the same group, and write the name of the person you know. If you do not know anyone else who can work at the same time, we will organize someone for you to walk together with. It will probably not be the same person during all of your shifts.

Clothing: Remember to be prepared for walking a lot, so you will need good clothes, for rain as well as sun, and comfortable and in-expensive shoes. Sunscrean and a hat would probably also be a good idea to bring.

Benefits: Besides getting a FREE TICKET TO THE FESTIVAL, you of course also get food and good company during your shifts. 

On Monday afternoon/evening we will throw you an awesome party, to thnak you for volunteering, and to kick of the best week of the year! Throughout the week you will also have full access to our cool base camp, where you can hang out with your friends, and meet new one! We will also be selling pretty cheap snacks and drinks from our base camp cafe.

There will probably be smaller events going on in the base tent throughout the week, which we will keep you posted on :-) so stay tuned on our website, and through our newsletter!

Besides this, being a volunteer also means getting new friends, whie getting to know the festival site in a way normal guests will never see it. after walking around the festival ground several times you will be one of the people with the very best overview! This will be of good help for most of the other people at festival!



How much do I need to work?

32 hours. All guards on Roskilde Festival need to work 32 hours this year, four shifts of 8 hours each. As you can see from the groups, we hav tried our best to place 2 shifts (16 hours) before the music starts and the last 2 shifts while the concerts are on. There will be equally attractive working hours for everyone (a mix of night and day).

IMPORTANT: All volunteer guards must complete and online security course, provided by the festival - prior to their first shift! please see more about this on the page 'course'.

Working hours: Normally the shifts are 07:00-15:00, 15:0-23:00, or 23:00-07:00 but you need to show up 20-35 minutes in advance. There will be a short briefing before each shift. Team leaders have to show up 30 minutes in advance. If you are a camping guard, we advise you to show up at least 35 min before your shift, so you have enough time to make a sandwich or other of the food we have, to bring to your post further away from our base tent.

A-team:  You are very welcome to become part of our A-team and help coordinating our contribution on Roskilde Festival 2013. The better we perform together, the more fun it will be. As a convenient ‘side-effect’, as a volunteer you will help us fundraising for a better life on campus in Trekroner!

You are a festival visitor just like others. Besides your service area acces, and the cool worker base camp site, you will be regarded the same as all other festival guests. This also implies that you need to organize yourself a tent to sleep in. Of course you are also allowed to do whatever you want as long as you are ready on your service.